Some photos of our Time at Inverness gathering


Travelled by train to Inverness on the Wednesday meet up with James Maureen in Perth to. Change trains what a rush the signposting to station 5 was poor especially as we had to use the lifts

Great getting to know you session and down to some work

Thursday another fabulous morning good outcomes

I made some lovely new friends and pledged to do some work with Pat Sue And myself

Re IT use in between meeting having. (Virtual Lunch meet ups).

Next leg of the journey is Stirling we are staying in the Golden Lion Hotel to rest before a Friday event on SELF directed Support

Lovely hotel I was so tired so glad I slept very well it was heavy rain but found the Albert Hall only
a walk away


              Above some photos of the SELF DIRECTED SUPPORT information day 


The meet and greeter at the door was a well Kent face and friend Yvonne Stewart which made me feel at home also a having a cuppa was a bonus which set the scene to a really inspiring talk and sharing information in Self Directed Support so much information to digest but made new connections and help on the HOW to take the next step to applying for Self Directed Support
Also inspired to find Allies in Coatbridge to help our family in getting their needs met

Exhausted but it was worth it back to the hotel and bed

Saturday 1st April

A great time spent at the Ladies lunch good food and my talk on Think Dementia Think Sensory went down a treat

I shared all about the DEEP NETWORK to the co ordinator of Town Breaks so will connect them up with Paul

Donna once again getting help and suggestions for with her carers issues

I have found a quiet area waiting on Donna joining me to catch a train to Glasgow

It’s been worthwhile making the effort to participate over the last Five days


Bye bye Stirling I was made so welcome by everyone

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2 comments on “DEEP GATHERING in Inverness
  1. Sue Northrop says:

    So glad it went well, wonderful! Heard great things from folk from here who went. Sorry I couldn’t be with you, we were running our Memory Skills course, but hope to be with you next time!


  2. Sue Northrop says:

    Reblogged this on Lighting Fires and commented:
    Fantastic work by DEEP, looking forward to the next one!


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