1st September 2017 

So excited to be having coffee at our favourite place in Glasgow where Dr Julie Christie from Hammond and I  have our tea scone and catch up 

To day we will look at The Design School Event for people with Dementia also Event in Birmingham gosh it’s in 2weeks  time how time flies 

My trip from my local train station Blairhill to Glasgow became challenging the steps to get into the  Station was closed I watched my train leave will I still tried to nogotiate my entry 

later in the day I found this article in the local advertiser  

Now I know to add 10 mins to negotiate these new changes for travel into Station the barriers etc cause confusion and wayfinding is difficult 

I catch the next train I am still on time as I always factor in mishaps I arrive in Glasgow Queen Street more barriers more changes  How to get out they have moved the ticket office nothing looks familiar they’ve even changes the seating arrangements 

I think these improvements ( I hope they’ve consulted with People with disabilities especially invisible disabilities like Dementia ) ill eventually be to everyones benefit but for the now and for me To stay mobile and able to travel I will need to relearn 

How will I do this it will mean taking  time to practice these new challenges these new barriers how to overcome them 

I will take someone with me to help guide me until I feel safe I believe the new buzzword for this is resilience you get knocked down but bounce back ( I dislike this word ) as it glides off professionals tongues but please believe me it’s not as easy as it sounds it takes time it’s tiring it’s tough 

I finally arrive I so need my cuppa and guess what 

It’s closed no notice 
My thinking begins is this the right place maybe I have it all wrong my confusion doubts desend But no I see Julie all is well again I can relax she smiles let’s find another place for cupp

All is well again I am safe I get my bearings my cuppa and we begin to catch up then work begins we put out heads together 

On reflection I am blessed because I learned from other people with Dementia not to panic when these incidents happen to take a deep breath and calmly ask for help people are kind

On the way home I still had difficulties I got disorientated with the barriers the busy signage Sensory overload 

change is not easy but it’s more challenging when you add Dementia and Sensory Challenges to the mix 

The outcomes the laughter from my catch up with Julie was worth it all thank you Julie 

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